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Bee Ess is a focused destination and event management company based in India, offering bespoke solutions for individuals and corporates. The company extends highly customized travel services and provides seamless logistics on a turnkey basis for weddings, birthday parties, and school/college event management. Bee Ess is a focused destination and event management company based in India, offering bespoke solutions for individuals and corporates.

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About Us

About Us

Bee Ess- The Events and Travel Experts

Bee Ess company is an event as well as a travel management company based in India, registered under MCA. We offer indicates the solution for both corporate and individual, we provide fully customized travel service and also provide unlimited offers basis for birthday parties, school/college events, and wedding ceremony management. Bee Ess is an event management company in India that offers customized solutions for both corporate and individuals.

We make people experience fresh concepts and innovative ideas for any kind of function with new concepts that haven’t happened before. We realize that the same dish won’t work for everyone so that’s why we produce the customized solutions in the event and travel space. Our custom-tailored ideas are constructed with the client’s specific requirements, like their length of the tour and function, budget restriction, destination choice, and personal preferences.

Every package that we design is very special because every client is special for us.

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We are committed to serving you as per your style, budget, and requirements.
We plan everything according to the type of event or program.

destination wedding organizer

Your wedding ceremony is all about you and your family and makes sure that this most precious day of your life passes you by the burst of an organization to negotiation, decision, and meetings.

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School/College Events

We are one of the most famous and trusted names in School and College events management. From finalizing the artist and from budgeting as well and we do all of this for our clients and their happiness.

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Corporate Events

In case if you want to celebrate your Birthday lavishly, you must contact us as we already have launched our decoration services. There are many special moments in 365 days so let’s make your birthday more special.

wedding planner in jalandhar
Birthday Parties

We are a trusted name for the college and school event management, from finalizing celebrities or any famous artist. We 100% take care of everything for our clients.

International tourist package
Domestic Airlines

Bee Ess will help you to find the best deals on any budget and also helps you to find a cheap hotel. So just pack your bags and get ready for the relaxing vacation, leave everything to us and we will take care of your selected package.

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Domestic Hotel Packages

Help you to find cheap hotels worldwide with all the facilities and gorgeous destinations with Bee Ess, from three-star hotel to 7-star luxury hotels and motel packages, we have it all.

International tourist package
International Airlines/Packages

Exploring something new is always a good option, so book your flight to your favorite destinations with cheap flight rates and explore the thousand mesmerizing destinations with Bee Ess.

event management company in jalandhar
International Hotel Packages

When any travel is planned, hotel booking is a very important thing on everyone's checklist. It's fair that if you are traveling, you need a nice place to stay with privacy whether it's for domestic, business, or international shores.

Our Team

Bee Ess- Team

Our team has certain divisions to simplify event planning.
We are a strong believer in transparency and, therefore,
there is no middleman to barge upon.

Sandeep Sharma | Managing Partner

Sandeep Sharma is responsible for the company’s revenue, strategic partnerships and marketing operations. Sandeep Sharma has over a 2 years experience in Travel Industry and 3 years experience in Events Management.

Contact : +91 9056789777

Bhavana Sharma | Managing Partner

Bhavana Sharma left the corporate world to pursue her passion for travel. Bhavana  has over 14 years experience in Travel Industry. One of the highlights of her career was working with TSI yatra pvt Ltd.

Contact : +91 9876002301

Sanjeev Sharma | Manager

Sanjeev Sharma is responsible for strategic planning to maintain the company’s position. Sanjeev Sharma has over 12 years experience in Travel Industry. One of the highlights of his career was working with Riya & Travel, Tour India pvt Ltd and Yatra.com

Contact : +91 9023160120

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